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Who we are

Our award-winning team have all had experience of working for either a national newspaper or a women's magazine. So we know how they work and who works for them - making us the ideal people to sell your story for the right price.

The team is Carol Staples, Matt Bell and Adam Gillham - whose names are very well known with all the women's magazines and newspaper features desks.

Carol has worked for the Sunday People and Chat magazine, having started her career on local papers in South London. Carol is a mum of two teenage sons so she also has a good understanding of family issues.

Matt is a former Sunday Mirror News Editor and Adam is an ex-reporter for The Sun.

We all work for Ferrari Press Agency which is nothing to do with the car. We're named after the agency's founder Lino 'Dan' Ferrari who set up the agency in 1945. His son Nick Ferrari is the award-winning and hugely successful LBC 97.3FM breakfast show broadcaster who often reviews the papers on ITV1's This Morning and is a columnist for the Sunday Express.

What we do and how we do it

We chat to you about your story so we can judge whether it's one we can sell for you. Don't worry - we won't 'steal' your story, we give you a written legal guarantee of that. But we need to know your story so we can try to generate interest among the commissioning editors on magazines and newspapers.

We write a synopsis of your story and ask them to make a bid to buy it. We tell you all the offers we get and you decide which one to accept - you might go for the highest bidder or you might prefer one particular magazine or paper.

Obviously we can use our expertise and experience to advise you on which is the best magazine or paper to go with.

Once the deal is done then we arrange to fully interview you and prepare pictures.

Then you can sit back, relax and wait (not long) to get your money.

Sometimes we're able to sell your story to more than one publication, and get you on TV, so it doesn't always end there.

Alternatively, you might just want to tip us off about a story or give us some pictures or video to sell for you, while you remain anonymous in the background but still get paid. And we can do this for you.

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